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With the Africa Week programme, we intend to chart the pathways to achieving the Africa we want. In the programme, we bring together experts from development banks, industry, Universities, social sector, Civil Societies, African Embassies in Germany, Government and Non Governmental Organizations in the Diaspora, and over 50 African countries to brainstorm on how to achieve Agenda 2063.

Agenda 2063, which is pari-passu with Sustainable Development Goals 2030, is Pan-Africa Aspirations to achieve the type of Africa we want. Since it is long time aspirations for inclusive growth, shared prosperity and sustainable development, there is a need for a Forum like this to exchange with the African Union and Governments to achieve these Aspirations sustainably and systematically.

The Africa week programme shall synthesize the frameworks that link social cohesion to reduce political conflicts, promote entrepreneurship, innovation in Small-Medium Enterprises (SME), and other economic sectors where Africa has comparative advantages. The framework will consider the role of Banking institutions and digitalization to help Africa develop its comparative advantages to competitive advantages globally. Of course, the role of African entertainment and culture in popularising the comparative and competitive advantages will form the bedrock of our discussions during this programme. This programme will connect Africans at home and in Diaspora.

We invite you to be part of the Africa Week events from May 24th until 29th from 7 pm -9:30 pm.

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