Women Empowerment Week

Dear Participant,

Worldwide, women celebrate the 8th march as international women day. Women from diverse cultures, profession and age come together and celebrate their womanhood. But not only do women celebrate femininity, Women also reflect and have a sense of gratitude for the changes in the past years.

Just a few years back, women had no rights to vote! Today women can vote. A few centuries ago, women in most parts of the world were not allowed to work or go to school without a permission letter from their husband or father. Today it becomes normality. Some few years back, we had very few women in leadership positions. Today, we can count a handful of women, and it has become customary that women seat in positions of authority and leadership.

Even as we celebrate all the achievements, the struggle is not over yet. Many women still suffer domestic violence in silence and have no shelter! Many girls have faced sexualised violence and can’t even talk for fear of stigmatisation! Many girls and women are still financially dependent on their partners as a way to survive. Our Women Empowerment week aims to create, support and empower girls and women to have the power to act for the good of themselves and society. One empowered woman will build a nation, one at a time.

We invite you to our diverse Online Programm with various Experts to empower women and girls during our international women week.

Be part by joining the live event.


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