Sompon Socialservice e.V. committed to acting in the public interest and as a charitable organisation. Our incomes are almost exclusively used to the building, realisation and improvement of our work.

We look forward to her support!

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50,00 € for tutoring and school homework supervision, because education is the key to a successful integration.
200,00 € for a pedagogical support to boosting the self-confidence of the youth
500,00 € for a week leisure program, promoting opportunities of participation of youth in order to acquire new perspectives.
1.000,00 € Because we feel it is important to shoulder responsibility for helping young people in school and everyday problems so that they can improve their opportunities for education.
2.500,00 € to help youth make qualified decisions about their professional careers so that they can start their training with motivation.
5.000,00 € for the creation and the realisation of our mentors programs.
15.000,00 € so that a pedagogue can work together with a family for one year and densely, in order to provide socio pedagogical support and assistance to children and youth.

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So können Sie uns unterstützen!

Unterstützung durch Kontakte oder Expertise: Die Vernetzung und der Austausch mit verschiedenen Akteuren ausPolitik, Wirtschaft, Schulen und Zivilgesellschaft ist zentraler Bestandteil unserer Arbeit und für den Erfolg des arbeit von enormer Bedeutung. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass wir nur gemeinsam etwas bewegen und langfristig verändern können.

Haben Sie eine Idee, in welchen Foren wir unser Arbeit einmal vorstellen könnten oder möchten Sie gerne Ihre Expertise in unser Arbeit einbringen?

Spende statt Geschenk:  Sie haben etwas zu feiern? Einen Geburtstag, ein Jubiläum, eine Hochzeit oder eine Weihnachtsfeier? Alles willkommene Gelegenheiten, anstelle von Geschenken Ihre Gäste um eine Spende an Sompon Socialservice e.V. zu bitten. Dazu können Sie einfach das oben stehende Spendenformular nutzen und eine eigene Spendenseite für Ihren ganz persönlichen Anlass anlegen. Bei Fragen dazu wenden Sie sich gern an uns.

We look forward to receiving donations directly to our Sompon Social Service eV account:
Sompon Socialservice e.V.
IBAN :DE60611500200101389857

All donations can be tax-deductible. On request, we will be pleased to supply a donation receipt.

Jobs and Engagement

Sompon Socialservice e.V is an institution that is always realising new projects and events.

If you are interested in working with us or supporting us, visit our page to view the employment opportunities we currently have available.

Looked for holiday programmes-coordinators!

We are looking for coordinators for the holidays and leisure programs to an all-inclusive basis fee.

Internship @ Sompon Socialservice e.V

In some cases it is possible to do internship at Sompon Socialservice e.V. During the internship, remuneration is usually not possible. The minimum period of an internship is five months.

Africa Journal

We are looking for motivated interns for our Africa Journal.

The minimum period of an internship is five months.


  • Researches on Africa and African community in Germany in the areas of sport, politic, culture, religion etc…
  • Conducting of interviews
  • Composing articles for the Journal

We offer:

  • Flexible working time models
  • Friendly work environment
  • Independent work



Engagement @ Sompon Socialservice e.V

We always need voluntary helpers to support our events locally but even at the office.

Would you like to serve drinks in at an African cultural festival or help in the construction and dismantling? We also need your help for our holiday programs, mentors, refugee and parent work.

Engagement and reliability are the essential requirements that you should bring with you. Are you interested? Then send us an email with your likings and interests in which you would like to help.


Sponsors and cooperation partners

Give together new opportunities!

Sompon Socialservice e.V is committed to acting in the public interest and as a charitable organisation. Our incomes are almost exclusively used to the building, realisation and improvement of our work.

Sompon is supported by donations, participation fees and subsidies. Without the impressive dedicated efforts of our members we would not have achieved this success. We would therefore like to extend our thanks to all, who have made by whatever means a decisive contribution to our work.

We would also like to thank the following foundations, companies, and organisations which have been supporting our work with resources and contributions in the form of donations either in money or in kind:

  1. Stadtwerke Esslingen am Neckar GmbH & Co.KG
  2. Stadt Esslingen am Neckar Referat für Migration und Integration
  3. Stadt Esslingen am Neckar Kulturreferat
  4. Stadtjugendring Esslingen e.V
  5. Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen
  6. Bürgerstiftung Esslingen Sozialwerk
  7. Katholischer Fonds
  8. Baden-Württemberg Stiftung
  9. Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Offene Jugendbildung
    Baden-Württemberg e.V.
  10. Robert Bosch Stiftung
  11. Engagement Global gGmbH
  12. Stiftung Entwicklungszusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg
  13. Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge
  14. Integration Offensive Baden-Württemberg
  15. Netzwerke für Bildungspartner e.V
  16. Landratsamt Esslingen, projektmittel des Landes für Spätaussiedler und Migration
  17. Landesprogramm Stärke
  18. VHS Esslingen



Sompon Socialservice e.V is committed to acting in the public interest and as a charitable organisation. Our incomes are almost exclusively used to the building, realisation and improvement of our work.

We support your future employees! 

We work closely with migrant schoolchildren though our mentoring programme. The migrant schoolchildren were supported and accompanied by their daily problems.

It is specially hard for the migrant children and young to reach their goal! We are helping!

The refugees need a welcome point where they feel accepted and understood and where to get help with their problems and worries. They need people they can trust and can contact quickly and non-bureaucratic, if they require legal assistance.


Direct donation is possible at any time on our account: 
Sompon Socialservice e.V.
IBAN :DE60611500200101389857


All donations to associations are not generally tax-deductible. On request, we will be pleased to supply a donation receipt. For more information the tax-deductibility of donations, click here:

Spring into action

Give together new opportunities!


Support through expertise and contacts

Networking and exchange with different stakeholders, such as researchers, politicians or schools and civil society is an integral part of our work and also is vitally important for the success of our work. We are convinced that if we work together we can bring about change and in long term. Have you any idea in which areas we could imagine to collaborate or would you like to support our work with your expertise? Do you have contacts to the company representatives, politicians and decision-makers? We will provide you with the necessary information for this purpose or participate in a personal conversation.

Donation instead of gifts

Do you have something to celebrate? A birthday, an anniversary, a marriage or Christmas parties? All welcome opportunities! You can ask your visitors to transfer money to the donations account of our organisation Sompon Socialservice e.V instead of making gifts. You can securely and comfortably use our above online gift form and create your donation page to your own special occasions. Please contact us if you are interested in further information about this. You can also ask all your visitors for a donation for our organisation Sompon Socialservice e.V by using the bank with your password’s name. We collect the names of all donators and inform you about the sum of donations.

All donors while your guests will receive a thank you letter and the donation receipt (that is why we kindly ask you to provide your full address on your payment order for sending you the certificate of the donation).

Other ideas?

You will bear with the idea in donating to support our cause, to become involved in our project on a voluntary basis or should you help us to send out our cause via internet? We gladly support you to develop and to realise your ideas!

We would be glad to hear about your ideas!

Sompon Social service

Help us by forwarding the message. 

You want to support us financially? Please recommend us to your network and organization. Thank you!!


Bank account number

Sompon Socialservice e.V

Bank: Kreisparkasse Esslingen

IBAN :DE60611500200101389857


Contact us

Schelztorstr.2,73728; Esslingen

Tel: 07113005269

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