Africa on the move

Africa on the move - history lessons

Africa has more to offer than corruption, crises, catastrophes, diseases and conflicts.

With the project “Africa on the move” Sompon Socialservice e.V. wants to set an example of solidarity, recognition and understanding between cultures.

Too often we learn everything about how an African dies, but nothing about how he lives. But they learn and live and love and dream just like we do. That's not to say there is not a hell of a lot of problems in Africa. But there is also another side to that story.” Henning Mankell quoted by Horst Köhler.

"Africa on the move" is to find ways that enable pupils to the discoveries of new worlds, different views, lifestyles and different mentalities in order to expand their horizons, to present the history of Africa in a differentiated and authentic away.


- To gain a new perspective on the world

- discover other cultures

- to improve their intercultural, socially, technical and development-policy skills

- broaden the horizon

- ...and much more.

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Action days

Action days: Africa at the schools


It is a day or action week of Africa in which Africa colourful living is presented. The pupils, teachers and parents have the chance to enjoy, to experience and to apprehend Africa with all of its senses. The Action day -Africa at the schools- highlights many aspects of African culture with the main focus that increases our awareness for this continent. This action should take place according to the school. The following activities are planned: the drumming workshops, music presentations, African market/bazaar, food, round-table discussions with pupils about Africa and variedly activities for children. The action day is also an intercultural meeting place and a meeting point of cultures. This action has as an objective the combating of exclusion and to tackle discrimination, whether conscious or unconscious, and mediation of knowledge of Africa for the pupils to extend their horizons.

Mentoring program

It's alarming that more than 50,000 young people leave school without graduating every year in Germany. Many information have proven that the social origin is playing an ever greater role in the educational success of young people. A system where educational opportunities are distributed due to social backgrounds and parental home rather than their skills and interests, bars many great children and young from the social participation from the beginning.

The basic idea: the schools should prepare adolescents to live self-determined lives as mature and responsible individuals. However schools that work in these difficult environments can’t perform these tasks. Sompon Socialservice e.V supports pupils through mentors. Mentors are responsible people who want to bring about positive change for other people.

We help pupils when the starting conditions are bad, because education is the key to integration and effective participation in social and professional life.


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