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Staff team

The Sompon Team consists of people from many different origins who get involved with some more enthusiasm for the organisation Sompon Socialservice e.V.

All our members of staff have high formal qualifications and outstanding personal competencies meeting their respective roles at the Sompon Socialservice e.V.


Vera Nkenyi Ayemle : Executive General Manager

Eunice Nobis : Vice - General Manager

Agnes Fröhlich: Management Board

Richard Antonie : Management Board

Brigitte Herrmann: Management Board

Gilles Tanko: Communication and webmasters

Simon Josef Hirner: Communication and Marketing


Sompon Socialservice e.V. (Sompon) is a non-profit institution for the promotion of education, general and vocational training including assistance to students in Germany and abroad. Sompon is a recognised free institution for aiding children and youth, which is unique in Baden-Württemberg. Sompon was founded in 2009 by the current managing director Vera Nkenyi Ayemle. Sompon offers varied pedagogical and assistance services for children and adolescents, young adults and families with migrant background.

Guiding principles: The values that accompany us

  • Recognition and respect for the values and for every individual determine our way of working. “Tolerance should really only be a passing attitude: it should lead to appreciation. To tolerate is to offend.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832).
  • The principle of equal opportunities is our ideal and our responsibility. “The first thing you must do is forget that I'm Black. Second, you must never forget that I'm Black.” Pat Parker
  • The flexibility and the personal contacts with our members, clients and cooperating partners are our strength.
  • Knowledge of countries of emigration in terms of culture and the diversity of the new homeland, as it determines our success. “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart.” Nelson Mandela
  • Trustfulness is the basis for our partnerships.
  • Further development is our responsibility. We also have a responsibility to develop constantly our work, our staff team and our members.


After studying social work and social education Vera Nkenyi Ayemle found that, at that time in Baden-Württemberg there was no cultural assistance in the respective native language and social offers for people of African origin. (As is the case unfortunately today) it was a lack. People of African origin felt marginalised, and in actual fact they are often left to struggle on their own.

Compared with many other countries particularly with African countries, Germany might be described as paradise. But not all those living in Germany benefit from the current upswing and prosperity. The reasons are many and varied. Unfortunately there are also in this country many children and families who are really in big need. They often lack essential goods, like sufficient and balanced food, but also an important support and the access to educational institutions and leisure activities.

“Dissatisfaction is not the absence of peace, no! But it is the feeling of being treated unjustly. Certain characteristics like skin colour or origin are selected to disadvantage or discriminate certain types of individual”.  (cit. Vera Nkenyi Ayemle).

In 2008 guided by this dissatisfaction and frustration Vera Nkenyi Ayemle began in Esslingen passionately and voluntary to report on the difficulties and bad situation f African children, youth and families.  It takes a lot of effort and a great deal of engagement or commitment for migrants to properly integrate in their adopted country.

Even today, Children and youth of African origin continue to be unjustly stereotyped and stigmatized on the street, in schools and government agencies. They are permanently accompanied by the “Third-World-status”. These injustice and discrimination are inhibiting the educational success of migrant children which, in turn will off-set the process of their integration into their new home country.

The main emphasis of our work: promoting education, general and vocational training including assistance to students in Germany and abroad. In this context, we see the education as public good, which is provided by public authorities. We certainly do not wish to relieve the State from this obligation, but support him effectively

Based on her personal experience and that of the African children, youth and families in their adopted  country Germany, she decided to create the organisation Sompon Socialservice e.V in October 2009.

The name “Sompon” comes from the Bagam tribe in the west of Cameroon. This means “something wonderful”, “Something nice”. Sompon Socialservice e.V has tasked itself with passing on something wonderful to people of different origins, cultures, languages, gender, age, appearance, standing.

Sompon Socialservice e.V is committed to the common good of the community and is a non-profit organisation. Our income goes towards the building, realisation and the improvement of our work.

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