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Welcome on the site of Sompon Socialservice e.V.

The name “Sompon” comes from the Bagam tribe in the west of Cameroon. This means “something wonderful”. Sompon Socialservice e.V has tasked itself with passing on something wonderful to people of different origins, cultures, languages, gender, age, appearance, standing.

Sompon Socialservice e.V is a non-profit association for the promotion of education, general and vocational training including assistance to students in Germany and abroad. Sompon is a recognised free institution for aiding children and young, which is unique in Baden-Württemberg. Sompon was founded in 2009 by the current managing director Vera Nkenyi Ayemle. Sompon offers varied pedagogical and assistance services for children and adolescents, young adults and families with migrant background. Sompon provides young fair opportunities to educational success and the social support that they need to feel at home in their new homeland, integrated, and become a part of the productive population.

This includes everything from the provision of childcare solutions, to fair educational opportunities for schoolchildren, socio-educational counselling and support for everyday problems, leisure programs, courses for parents, and diverse extracurricular activities.

Vera Nkenyi Ayemle Interview mit SWR


Erste Afrika Tag in Esslingen

Afrika Kulturfest Afrika-Europa Dialog Konferenz

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Sompon Social service

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